Wednesday, October 1, 2014

The 5 Gold Principles of Technical Meetings

These following principles are taken in a technical meeting based on a mistaken behaviours. They are all common but some how always ignored. They can be also reproducible...
  1. Do not attend to a meeting without agenda if possible. 
  2. Define your requirements from system before meet two or more separate technical groups. Do not expect to define processes of your needs from technical individuals. 
  3. If you are meeting with subcontractor, ensure that the subcontractor agent have knowledge of what you are talking about. 
  4. If the agenda is about a living process, ask for summary of AS-IS from the process owner. 
  5. Indicate the meeting time limit and do not meet for designing TO-BE. Discuss the solution proposals of priorly defined and wrought problems.
And the last but not the least; Be on time at the meeting.

Have productive meetings...

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