Sunday, April 21, 2013

Setting Up an Open Source Development Environment II

Before you read this I suggest you to read the first post of development environment. In that post development approach is detailed. Setting up the figured environment is a little bit challenging. There are lots of configuration, however I chose the shortest path (lazy way :) of configuring the open source tools.

First of all the starting point is gathering a virtual appliance of redmine.

1. Installing Base Configuration (Redmine, PHP, Apache, Git and SVN)

I used Turnkey with virtual box. Either it can be used via vmware. Download OVF file and import it to your virtual machine.

Download OVF (Vitual Appliance) of Redmine:
Import to VM:

2. Updating PHP

In Turnkey 12.0 Debian Squeeze Linux OS comes up. As I see, In this version of squeeze, PHP 5.3.3 version is the stable version mean while the stable version is 5.4.14 at The version of 5.3.3 has some troubles especially; array_walk_recursive and create_function functions. So, i decided to update the stable version of PHP. If you really want this follow the below link and compile the latest version of PHP from source.

3. Upgrading Redmine 1.4.4 to 2.3.0

Turnkey Redmine 12.0 comes with Redmine 1.4.4. That's a little bit old version of redmine. Here is a guide at the below link to upgrade Redmine version. In this guide redmine upgrade process described for Redmine 2.0.3 version but you can upgrade the latest version. I used 2.3.0 instead of 2.0.3 and it worked!

You can check out Redmine 2.3.0 version via SVN:
svn co redmine-2.3

4. Install Redmine Agile Plug-in (Redmine Backlogs)

The last step of this post is integrating an agile plug-in to proceed agile processes. I did a survey about agile plug-ins for Redmine and come across various plug-ins. Firstly, I decided Agile Dwarf  to install but it has no support on Redmine 2.3.0. and I see Redmine Backlogs supporting the latest version of Redmine (2.3.0 for now). Anyway, I installed and see the interfaces and in action. Backlogs has a great speculation on agile methodologies and processes. You should follow installation steps at the following link.

To Conclude;
The configuration is a little bit exhaustive but I think, the agile methodologies yields more time than this initial effort. The general completion of the agile and continuously integrated environment puzzle figured out below.

Environment Completion

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